Shell Gas Station Panorama

Nice photo of Shell Gas Station Panorama
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Title: Shell Gas Station Panorama

Caption: This is a Shell gas station very early in the morning on a Saturday. I shot this with a 6x12 film back on my Toyo 45A and cropped it to 1x3, the same as 6x17 aspect ratio.

Subjects: 6x12 film, 6x17, 6x17 film, convenience store, drum scan, early morning, film, film scan, gas pump, gas station, kodak ektar 100, long exposure, night photography, panorama, parking lot, shell

Date taken: Saturday February 04, 2023 05:40am

Camera: Toyo-Field 45A Lens: Schneider 90mm f/5.6 Super-Angulon XLMore Metadata

Photo location: Murrieta, California, United StatesGoogle Map Link

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