Dales Donuts Compton

Nice photo of Dales Donuts Compton
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Title: Dales Donuts Compton

Caption: I shot this with my Chamonix 5x7 view camera with my 6x17 roll film back. Love the colors and fun things you can see in the photo.

Subjects: 6x17, 6x17 film, compton, dales donuts, donut shop, drum scan, film, film scan, kodak ektar 100, morning, morning light, panorama, sunrise

Date taken: Friday November 24, 2023 06:17am

Camera: Chamonix 57Fs-2 Lens: Schneider 180mm f/5.6 Apo-SymmarMore Metadata

Photo location: East Compton, Compton, California, United StatesGoogle Map Link

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