Getting Gas at Costco Murrieta

Nice photo of Getting Gas at Costco Murrieta
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Title: Getting Gas at Costco Murrieta

Caption: I have never been a fan of waiting in line to pay a few cents less per gallon for gas. Costco in Murrieta just opened its gas station to the public a few days ago, and there was no line. To my amazement, I was able to pull right up and get gas. Hopefully this trend continues.

Subjects: costco, fuel, fuel pump, gasoline, murrieta

Date taken: Sunday July 31, 2022 01:24pm

Camera: iPhone 13 Lens: iPhone 13 back camera 5.1mm f/1.6More Metadata

Photo location: Costco Murrieta, Murrieta, California, United StatesGoogle Map Link

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