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New gallery coding almost complete

I have spent several hours this past week building the upload code, the resampling code – that was a giant task – and the watermarking routine. I have most of the difficult coding behind me and now I just have some basic html and logic left in addition to putting it all together. I should have a bare bones gallery up and running in the next day or so.

Building my own photo gallery site from scratch

code for upload routine
code for upload routine

So after struggling with SEO and photo gallery sites for years, and I’ve tried them all, I decided that if I think I could do a better job at building an online photo gallery site, then I should either “put up” or “shut up”. I am going the “put up” route. I already have a server built that lives in Fremont, Ca. I already installed a robust Linux environment where I control every bit. I then pointed my oldest domain to all this (I think I first put it online in 1998), and set off on a journey that I may regret… or not. We’ll see. Today I wrote the login code to protect the back-end of my future site. Now I am working on the code that will upload new images. Stay tuned.